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Step 1: Complete the Athlete Profile Form

Tell us about your athlete (age, track experience, preference etc.). Click the "Step 1" link above.

Step 2: Register with AAU / USATF


These are onetime (annual) fees for your athlete's insurance coverage and/or memberships cost directly to AAU / USAT&F . Click the "Step 2" link above.

Use MCTC Club Code WW6FFE for AAU  /   Use MCTC Club Code  07-0997 for USAT&F


Step 3: Make Payment


  • Pay online using PayPal (click "Make Payment" link above).


  • Make your Payment to: Morris County Track Club


  • Bring payment to training session along with proof of AAU / USAT&F memberships.

Make checks payable to "Morris County Track Club".:

{Early Registration opens October 15, closes November 15}
Early Registration ($500.00) covers November 2015-August 2016, the whole year
Indoor Registration Only ($380.00) covers November 2015 -March 2016
Outdoor Registration Only ($320.00) covers April 2015-August 2015
Early Registration is $500.00. If you missed early registration and want to register for indoor and outdoor that cost will be: $380+$320=$700.00 
Uniform cost is separate at $145.00 (track shorts, track top and Warm Ups).
This cost may change based on vendor pricing.
This does not include event fees and travel expenses.
The cost per meet events is separate (varies from $5 - $8).
Make your Check Payment to: Morris County Track Club or Pay online using the PayPal link below.

Complete 2015 Registration documents: