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Scholarship Awards

Morris County Track Club 2015 Club Registration Scholarship Awards


About The Awards:

Through the generous gift of an anonymous donor, the Morris County Track Club (“MCTC”) will make 15 MCTC Club Registration Scholarships available for youth runners (eleven of these scholarships will be designated for female athletes). The Scholarships are for the 2015 Outdoor Season. All scholarship recipients must be youth athletes, boys and girls, who are between the ages of nine and twelve.


Scholarship Value:

The total value of each scholarship is $320.00 (three hundred and twenty dollars), which is the total cost of the MCTC athlete’s club registration fee for the Outdoor Season. The scholarship fee does not include the cost of the uniform (approximately $70.00) and does not include the cost of meet entry fees, which are approximately $6 per event per meet for local competitions, up to $45 per event per meet for the National Championships. The scholarship does not include travel costs or the cost of AAU and USATF memberships.


Scholarship Categories:

·        Three awards are for 11-12 year-old girl sprinters who were born in 2003 and 2004. 

·        Four awards are for 9-10 year-old girl sprinters who were born in 2005 and 2006. 

·        Four awards are for 11-12 year-old boy mid/distance runners who were born in 2003 and 2004.

·        Four awards are for 11-12 year-old girl mid/distance runners who were born in 2003and 2004.


Running Categories:

·        Sprints: 100-meter dash and/or 200 meter dash and/or 400-meter dash.

·        Mid/Distance: 800 meter run and/or 1500 meter run and/or 3000 meter run.


Practice Locations:

·        Morristown High School

·        Delbarton High School





·        Current and former Morris County Track Club athletes are not eligible for this scholarship.


Entry Deadline:

·        Friday May 15, 2015


Application Process:

The MCTC Club Registration Scholarship is open to boys and girls ages nine through twelve who can compete in Sprints or Mid/Distance events. Each Club Registration Scholarship applicant must complete a 300-word essay entitled “Running” which describes their love of running and why they want to join the Morris County Track Club. The essay must include a description of the athletes’ running experience. Essays may be completed with the assistance of parents or guardians. Entries must be submitted to vlw@mctrackclub.org by the entry deadline or will not be considered.


Selection Process:Selection Process:


1.        All essays received before the entry deadline will be reviewed by the MCTC 2015 Scholarship Committee.

           All decisions are final.


2.        At the sole discretion of the Scholarship Committee, athletes with qualifying entries will be selected to

           participate in the three-session, MCTC assessment process to determine the athlete’s level of fitness for track



3.        On the basis of the applicants’ essays and the applicants’ fitness assessments’ up to15 Club Scholarship

           Winners will be selected.


4.        Selected scholarship winners will be notified via email and must complete the MCTC Club Registration

           Scholarship Packet within 2 days of notification.


5.        Scholarship winners who do not attend the required number of practices and competitive meets, may have    

           their scholarship rescinded.