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2015-2016 Board of Directors

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Morris County Track Club Board of Directors 2015- 2016‎     

* Antonio F. David Workman * Valerie L. Workman, Esq.

* Lillian Capers Milliner *   Michael A. Higgins * Frederick E. Davis Jr., CPA, JD

We are pleased to announce the MCTC Board of Directors. For the 2015-2016 season the Board will provide guidance to club leadership based on their areas of experience. We have gathered a group of professionals who have in-depth knowlege of non-profit tax law (Mr. Davis), fundraising/contract bidding (Ms. Milliner who is also Valerie Workman's sister) and leading a High School sports program with nationally ranked/recruited track and field athletes (Mr. Higgins). .

The Board will not have operational roles but will be available to consult on key aspects of MCTC objectives to ensure they are aligned with 2015-2016 initiatives  and we thank them for their support.